Summer Semester Schedule

An overview of the courses that are available in the Summer Semester.
It starts on 10 May 2021.

What will you learn?

The video below gives a short overview of each of the available courses and what you'll learn.

What our students say:

I am honestly very impressed and feel this was all positive and great for me. 
I do not see how to do better.
It is the right thing to do, good investment.

Jean-Jacques L., Belgium.

Introduction to Exopolitics

The Ultimate Guide to Exopolitics. 
In this course, you learn the essentials of what we know about the extraterrestrial presence.

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Citizen Diplomacy
with extraterrestrials

All you need to know about exodiplomacy. In this course, you learn  about different civilizations, about representation, and conflict resolution.

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Messages from Space
Past & Present Contact

The Contact Phenomenon
This course looks at the contact phenomenon, starting in the 1950s until today.

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New Course: Exo110
Introduction to Xenology

What do we know about extraterrestrial civilizations, 
and how will openly interacting with them affect us?
NOTE: this course is only open to students who have successfully completed the Exo101 course!

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