Exopolitics Diploma

The renewed Exopolitics Diploma is designed for those
who already have completed the Exopolitics Certificate and want to enhance their exopolitical knowledge further.

1. Completing the coursework for the Exopolitics Certificate, 
which means successfully completing five courses.  
2. On top of successfully completing the certificate, 
students have the choice of either
a) Completing three more courses, or
b) Completing two more courses, 
as well as a Substantial Research Paper, 
i.e. an academic paper of approx. 10 000 words

Students who want to lecture exopolitics can optionally also complete an Advanced Instructor Training 


At present, there are eight courses that run for fourteen weeks. These are spread over the Fall (September – December); Spring (January – April), Summer (May – August) semesters of each year. The courses are conducted entirely online and can be taken in any sequence. The Diploma can be completed in as little as one year or up to four years.

* Required courses to complete the certificate are marked with an asterisk (click course title for detailed course descriptions).

Registration Form

Students can pay in advance for the entire Diploma program. For that the normal registration page can be used.

Students who have completed the Exopolitics Certificate and also want to obtain the Exopolitics Diploma pay a reduced tuition fee for each course, of $315 instead of $395. If you have successfully completed the Certificate Program and now also want to complete the Diploma Program, please contact Manuel Lamiroy.

Important Notice

Even though the Exopolitics Institute is registered as an educational non-profit organization, at present its courses, diploma and certificate are not recognized.

Exopolitics Courses 

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