Introduction to Exopolitics

The Essential Guide to Exopolitics,
summarizing decades of research into one course.

I think this course is one of the best things I have done in my life. The subject matter has been riveting and exciting, sometimes shocking. In a subject that has so many angles and permutations and disinformation, it has been wonderful to be guided to the best available evidence, the most authentic researchers, and the most reliable contactees. It all is backed up with brilliant Internet materials and book guidance. I highly recommend it.

Annette White, UK, Spring 2019.

The information in this coruse was disseminated in a multifaceted way where anyone at any level of UFO research could participate and not feel lost or ahead of the class. The Socratic Method and material used encouraged class participation and provided me with a diverse perspective. This enhanced my position from a student to a stake holder. I have never felt this way about any other course taken!

Kurt Garcia, Fall 2020

Course Description

Introduction to Exopolitics consists of three parts. In the first part, we examine the main sources of evidence for an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. We distinguish different categories of evidence and evaluate how reliable these sources are. We do so by identifying the criteria that determine the credibility and persuasiveness of the evidence: source reliability and content validation. 
In the second part, we focus on what we know about the extraterrestrial presence by analysing four different perspectives. We use a typology that takes into account the motivation, activities and histories of different extraterrestrial races, and the various clandestine organizations that interact with these races. 
In the third part, the course deals with policy implications and the political management of the extra­terrestrial presence. 
The course is offered by distance education in the form of weekly lectures received via the Internet, online course reading material and videos, and participant / instructor communication through a group discussion forum/email list.

Course instructor: Manuel Lamiroy.

What our students say

100% of students who completed this course recommend it!

This class surpassed my expectations. I have been out of school for 47 years so wasn't quite sure what to expect. I appreciate Manuel's patience as I muddled through the learning curve of how things work. The class gave me a new awareness of how involved disclosure really is. The ramifications of saying "Yes we aren't alone" is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many layers and so many pieces in each layer to be explained and accounted for and considered.

Cris Ann Mulreed

Can attest that the Exopolitics 101 course with Manuel Lamiroy is EXCELLENT for those opening their minds to larger realities. Be prepared, these are solid, serious courses with awesome reading and video lists. The syllabus are so valuable ... he has really done his homework in prepping these leading edge subjects!

Christina Merkley

Exo-101 is what exopolitics is all about; this is a comprehensive overview, but with a plethora of amazing details, of all crucial aspects and issues regarding the UFO phenomenon and the ET presence on planet earth.

P. Dermentzoglou

I appreciated the structure the course offered me in coming to the field with little background in ufology or exopolitics.. Flexibility regarding differing beliefs and opinions is particularly important to me. I enjoyed reading Manu’s and my classmates’ thoughts and opinions and felt encouraged and supported in expressing my own.

Karen Kael

I appreciated the wide and comprehensive coverage of all the topics we went through. It has without doubt expanded my exo-field extensively. My interest area so far has been ETH evidence from ancient times, and this course provided a broad perspective on that topic. I also enjoyed the contactee’ topic; since this chapter illustrates a choice the government should have taken long time ago – instead of focusing on the technology.

Kai Olsen

I think the Exo-101 Course really fulfilled its goal of providing for a general and profound overview of the major subjects that have yet emerged in the Science of Exopolitics. I could not have run into anything better than this course, for handing me a fantastic shortcut to the most valuable info & resources currently available on the ET related subject. Thank you every one who contributed in bringing together all material for this course.

Frank G.
Lecture Topic
Lecture 1 Introduction: Towards a conceptual mapping of exopolitics
Lecture 2 Part 1.1. Whistleblowers.secrecy and debunking
Lecture 3 Part 1.2. Documents.Witnesses.Key historical sightings
Lecture 4 Part 1.3. Human/Extraterrestrial Interaction
Lecture 5 Part 1.4. Exo-archeology
Lecture 6 Part 1.5. Other sources: Remote Viewing.channeling.…
Lecture 7
Part 2.1. The Helper Perspective
Lecture 8 Part 2.2. The Intruder Perspective
Lecture 9 Part 2.3. The Manipulator Perspective
Lecture 10 Part 2.4. The Watcher Perspective
Lecture 11 Part 3.1. Political Management
Lecture 12 Part 3.2. ET Technology and the Black Budget
Lecture 13 Part 3.3. Power politics.strategic principles....
Lecture 14 Part 3.4. Preparing for Contact

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