Exo111 - Xenomethodology

Towards a methodological framework for xenological and exopolitical sciences

Course Description

This course strives to provide the foundation for a methodological framework for xenological and exopolitical studies. To do so, it largely takes the human sciences as a starting point. The course starts off with basic concepts like truth, fact, evidence, and knowledge. It then gives a short introduction to how to reason properly by studying the basics of logic. In the third part of the course, we analyze existing methodologies, mainly within the human sciences, to see how they can be useful and where they preĀ­sent challenges that must be overcome.  

Course Length: 14 weeks
Course Instructor: Manuel Lamiroy
Email: mlamiroy@iafrica.com 

Weekly Class Schedule

The course consists of fourteen lectures, split up into three parts. 
Part 1. Knowledge
Lecture 1. Essential Concepts and Challenges
Lecture 2. What is Knowledge? (Definitions and Types) 
Lecture 3. Working with Knowledge 
Part 2. Logic and Reasoning 
Lecture 4. Basic Concepts of Logic 
Lecture 5. Conditions and Quantified Statements 
Lecture 6. Logical Fallacies 
Lecture 7. Cognitive Biases 
Part 3. Methodologies 
Lecture 8. Epistemology & Philosophy of Science 
Lecture 9. The Methodology of Natural Sciences 
Lecture 10. The Methodologies of Human Sciences 
Lecture 11. Principles of Fact Checking 
Lecture 12. The Methodology of Intelligence Gathering
Lecture 13. How Disinformation and Counterintelligence work 
Lecture 14. Putting It All Together.

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