Exo102 - Exodiplomacy

Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Course Description

This course examines the key principles of 'galactic diplomacy' at the unofficial level, as a form of 'track two' or 'citizen diplomacy' aimed at establishing contact and communications with different extraterrestrial races. The course analyses the nature of diplomatic representation on Earth that might be recognized by various extraterrestrial races. Particular focus will be on the representative status of different global constituencies such as politically organized humanity, cetaceans, alleged subterranean civilizations, and the role of Earth or 'Gaia' as a living organism. The course examines the need for 'citizen diplomacy' with extaterrestrials as a means of complementing official diplomatic relations between major nations and extraterrestrial races. Finally, the course examines how national security agencies will respond to 'citizen diplomacy' between private citizens/groups with extraterrestrials in terms of four key challenges confronting the practice of this form of diplomacy:
1. the extent of private communications and interactions with extraterrestrial races;
2. the coercive resources of shadow government agencies;
3. the degree to which extraterrestrial races may manipulate citizens engaging in track two galactic diplomacy; and
4. implications of initiatives and agreements reached through citizen diplomacy with extraterrestrials.

Course instructor: Manuel Lamiroy.

What our students say

This is just some of the unanimously positive feedback we received from students.

This course will not only expand your knowledge and awareness of the subject but also provide intellectual and emotional stimulation and challenges that can hone your perspectives and the ability to communicate them clearly and effectively.

Karen Kael, USA

The Exo-102 Course will most probably put you into a state of wondering and confusion as to what is all going on here, behind the scenes on this planet. What, How many, Who are all the different kind of intelligent forces presently on, in, and around this planet here? And what do they want here? And what are your options to play a role in this all? The Exo-102 Course makes you aware of the issues that are at stake; real life ET issues that are affecting your life; the things you are not supposed to know; the things that are to be expected in a near future, and how you could respond. I would recommend this course to anyone with the courage to face the complexity of what is going on around this planet.

Frank G., Belgium

We covered a broad range of topics about the motivations, activities and intentions of various ET groups and our ‘elites’ and humanity’s best response to them in the form of citizen diplomacy; they not only made us realize how much there is to take into consideration to obtain the whole picture and act appropriately, but also had I think a huge psychological/emotional impact on each student.

Nevenka Likar, Slovenia

It is very time consuming but perhaps it may be the most rewarding thing you have ever done. Do it! It will change your life forever in amazing ways.

Jason Friend, USA

The content and flow is amazing, leading to a crescendo at times. So stimulating and it blends in well with the others on the forum.

Neil Gould, Hong Kong

The course is graduate level in its approach and the instructor very informed, responsive and thorough. It has been a pleasure working with him and my fellow classmates!

Bernice Hill PhD, USA
Lecture Topic
Lecture 1 A.1. A Typology of Extraterrestrial Races – Understanding motivations and activities
Lecture 2 A.2. Understanding Galactic History – The legacy of extraterrestrial conflict in the galaxy
Lecture 3 A.3. Extraterrestrial History and Intervention on Earth
Lecture 4 B.1. Conventional Diplomacy and Competing Models for Representing Earth in Diplomatic Interactions with Extraterrestrials
Lecture 5 B.2. Different Earth Constituencies and a more Comprehensive Representational Model for Earth in Diplomatic Relations with Extraterrestrials
Lecture 6 B.3. The Significance of the ‘Gaia Hypothesis’ in Diplomatic Relations with Extraterrestrial Races
Lecture 7
C.1. Key Principles of Conflict Resolution, Mediation & Citizen Diplomacy
Lecture 8 C.2. ‘Awakened Humanity’ & ‘Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrials’
Lecture 9 C.3. Contemporary Citizen Diplomacy Initiatives with Extraterrestrials
Lecture 10 D.1. The Extent of Private Communications and Interactions with Extraterrestrial Races - Case Studies & Government Response
Lecture 11 Coercive Resources of Shadow Government Agencies and Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrials
Lecture 12 D.3. How extraterrestrial races might manipulate unsuspecting citizens engaging in Citizen Diplomacy
Lecture 13 D.4. Implications of Initiatives & Agreements Reached through Citizen Diplomacy
Lecture 14 D.5. The Future of Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrials

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