The Science, Politics, and Spirituality of ET Civilizations

A more speculative course that explores the technological and spiritual evolutionary paths of extraterrestrial civilizations and how this translates in their politics.

Course Description

This course discusses different types of extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth and interacting with humanity, and how they can be understood in terms of a typology popularized by eminent physicist Prof. Michio Kaku. 
According to Prof. Kaku, civilizations can be distinguished based on the dif­ferent ways they consume energy on a planetary, stellar, and galactic level. 
Once we identify the way extra­terrestrial civilizations use energy, we can understand much about the technology they use, the spir­itual principles they follow, and the political aspect of how they interact with humanity. 
Once we un­derstand the science, politics, and spirituality of extraterrestrial civilizations, we can make informed choices about how to best resolve global problems and transform the Earth using ad­vanced extrater­restrial knowledge and technologies. 
Our Earth transformation efforts require us to work wisely with those extraterrestrial civilizations best able to contribute to humanity's evolution.

Course instructor: Manuel Lamiroy.

This course is the ultimate in understanding the nature of ETs. One gains perspectives of the immenseness of the universe, the invisible medium and how the templates of ET life may fit within this multiversity. One’s own sense of self-importance is brought to measure and a spiritual uplifting seems to adjunct the students as they deal with the notion of how advanced galactic life is, socially, technologically and politically.

Neil Gould
Hong Kong

Weaving the theoretical with the scientific with the strange but true, this course provides valuable research and concepts, organized to propel our understanding of what is occurring in ways that may surprise you. Thank You.

Jason Friend

Course Overview


  • Lecture 1. The Science and Technologies of Extraterrestrial Civilizations
  • Lecture 2. The Evolution of Consciousness and Spirituality

Part A. The Science, Politics, and Spirituality of Type 0 Civilizations

  • Lecture 3. Ancient Type 0 Civilizations - The Anunnaki & Sumeria
  • Lecture 4. Modern Type 0 Civilizations - Antigravity

Part B. The Science, Politics, and Spirituality of Type I Civilizations

  • Lecture 5. Type I Civilizations – Zero Point Energy
  • Lecture 6. Ancient Type I Civilizations
  • Lecture 7. Modern Type I Civilizations

Part C. The Science, Politics, and Spirituality of Type II Civilizations

  • Lecture 8. Type II Civilizations, Torsion Fields, and Quantum Entanglement
  • Lecture 9. Crop Circles as Extraterrestrial Communications
  • Lecture 10. Case studies of Type II Civilizations

Part D. The Science, Politics, and Spirituality of Type III Civilizations

  • Lecture 11. Type III Civilizations, Pulsars, Galactic Super Waves, and the Navigation Grid
  • Lecture 12. Black Holes, Wormholes, and Stargates
  • Lecture 13. Case Studies of Type III Civilizations


  • Lecture 14. The Role of Celestials in Extraterrestrial Contact


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