Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive questions about the courses.
Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Question 1 - How are the courses given?

The courses are online courses. They are given through an online discussion group that also functions as an email list. Every week one lecture is sent out by email. At the beginning of the course, students are given a syllabus with the required and optional study materials for each week. Each course runs for one semester of 13 or 14 weeks with a mid-term break of one week. For the duration of the course, the lecturers are available to answer questions through the group.

Question 6 - I registered. When do I receive the course materials?

Only after we have received full payment for the course, will students receive copy of the syllabus, or of part of it. (For some courses, the syllabus is sent out in segments over the span of the course).