Exo108 - Hollywood & the Media

As Agents of Disclosure

The Role of Hollywood and the Media in the Disclosure Process

Course Description

This course is based on current research that involves the role of preparing the masses for the fact that “we are not alone” in the Universe. 

Governmental intervention starting with Disney and the Hollywood film industry has been part of a subtle disclosure process to prepare the general public. 

The class will examine films, like the Indiana Jones film, current TV shows, Sci Fi and print media in the advancing disclosure process. The student will receive a DVD with certain film clips and be expected to react to various media presented in the course.

The course will be offered by distance education and will involve a weekly lecture, online course reading material, and student/instructor communication through an email list server. 

Course Instructor: Paola Harris

What our students say

Some feedback from our students

I enjoyed the diverse selection of films and series that demonstrated both the historical aspects of exopolitics, and the modern revelations of EBE encounters, as well as futuristic projections of the next 150 years on Earth. I highly recommend that the series "Taken" be watched from start to finish by every exopolitical student. I feel this is the seminal series for students in their understanding of the Hollywood role, as well as covering the periods of 1945-2000 with remarkable historical accuracy.

David B., Canada

This course opened a totally new dimension in Exoplitics for me. I must be honst and say that I would not have given the Hollywood involvement a second thought until one is set the qustions and research conjures up more than one expected. Each qeekly quesiton entailed new research, which pulled me into areas such as Artificial intellignece bordering on nano-technology, which is its logical extension. For me personnally, I was able to understand a host of new areas with which I would never have gotten to on my own. I can now use this information to deliver even more powerful lectures to the people in Hong Kong. Everyone can relate to a Hollywood film. It opens all doors.

Neil Gould, Hong Kong

I had an opportunity to learn about the role that Hollywood plays in the disclosure process. From this perspective, I have been introduced to a new angle and approach to the canon of topics involved in the subject of exopolitics. Jump in and enjoy the new ways it will inspire seeing and being. Also, exploring exopolitics through the lens of Hollywood interfaces with the many distinctions that may be made around the subject. It supports the development of knowledge and a critical synthesis process within a grand subject.

Jennifer Danilchek, USA


The course consists of fourteen lectures, with a one week break in between.

  1. Examining the Essay “Screen Memories” An Exploration of the relationship between Science Fiction Film and the UfO Mythology By Mark Pilkington 
  2. The Language of Early Hollywood Films and the Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” Scenario. 
  3. Remaking Hollywood Classics: The Day the Earth Stood Still 
  4. Home Disclosure Pattern with Walt Disney´s role in Ufo Disclosure: Ward Kimball´s role By Grant Cameron 
  5. The DVD Disney´s Alien Encounters. 
  6. The Role Of Allen Hynek and Jacques Valle And the Spielberg Connection 
  7. Abductions as they are portrayed by Hollywood Why the Miniseries “Missing”? Spielberg´s View 
  8. The DVD "It has begun" which has a clip of Holliman Landing. An Interview with Clifford Stone on this! 
  9. Mars Mystery: Hoagland and Brian DePalma Examining what the film What mission to Mars is really saying. 
  10. Gene Roddenberry and The Star Trek Vision 
  11. Book: The Last Conversation about Gene Roddenberry or a book of your choice that was made into film 
  12. Time Travel and Philip Dick´s vision with ” Bladerunner and ” Minority Report”. 
  13. AI ( Artificial Intelligence) and the 2001-generation. The Vision of Stanley Kubrick for Humanity and Rebirth 
  14. Essay Summary Exam To read comments by students who have previously completed this course, click here. 

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