Exo106 - The Road to Disclosure

Quantum Cosmology

Course Description

This advanced course is based on current research and current interviews with the major players in the disclosure process. These people are politicians, astronauts, medical doctors, physicists and pilots who have first hand knowledge. With this research, students in this course can play an important role in developing strategies for disclosure and a galactic citizen diplomacy on a grass roots level. It takes Ufology “out of the dark ages” and hurls into a serious academic discipline for the new millennium. 
The course will be offered by distance education and will involve a weekly lecture, online course reading material, and student/instructor communication through an email list server.

Course Length: 14 weeks
Course Instructor: Paola Harris, MEd
Email: Paolaharris@hotmail.com 

Recommended Texts:

  • Dr. Michael E. Salla, Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Dandelion Books, 2004)
  • Alfred Webre, Exopolitics: Politics, Government & Law in the Universe (Universe Books, 2005)
  • Paola Harris,Connecting the Dots: Making sense of The Ufo Reality (Granite Publishing, 2003)
  • Paul Hellyer, Interview
  • Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Interview
  • Colonel Philip, Corso Italian Interview: DVD
  • Dr. Jacques Valle, Fast walker
  • Dr. Steven Greer, Hidden Truth-Forbidden Knowledge (Crossing Point 2006)
  • Ryan S. Wood, Majic Eyes Only Earth’s Encounters with extraterrestrial technology ( 2005)
  • Gordon Copper (Mercury 7 Astronaut) Leap of Faith (Harper Collins 2000)
  • Dr. Edgar Mitchell, The Way of the Explorer ( Richter Artes Graficas March 2001)
  • Timothy Good, Alien Contact ( Quill William Morrow 1993)

What our students say

Some feedback from our students.

This is not a course for the faint hearted. It requires a sound prior knowledge base of the topic, substantial self-discipline and absolute dedication. Some of the information on abductions is sheer horror which one would prefer to believe only exists in Hollywood, but like the 911 atrocity, reality dwarfs Hollywood and nowhere more so than in the exopolitical field. The truth is that interaction on this level between terrestrials and others is vastly more common place than we could ever begin to give credit for and the reasons for this cover a wide range of issues, some of which are as disturbing as they are provocative and inspirational.

Douglas McClures, South Africa

The course as a whole was very interesting. The quantum mechanics part was very useful, as this field has been "Greek" to me so far. The same must be said about RV. I also enjoy the exo 106 YouTube channel - very good movie clips! The course was produced and composed in a way that makes the student see comparative events (connecting the dots), and such methodology served as quite an eye opener to me.

Kai Olsen, Norway

Each lesson focuses on people associated with the ET issue. They bring new insights into the UFO cover up. Some of it is staggering the rest is astounding. At the end of the day you will find out that it is all about something that the truth embargo took away from you. The people we researched were simply shadows in my semantic memory. Quantum Cosmology triggered new insights into these individuals. Some sent us messages from the grave. Others talk a language that the public is yet to understand. We do.

Neil Gould, Hong Kong

Weekly Class Schedule

(Lectures sent out each Monday)
Week 1 – Introduction “Taking Ufology out of the Dark Ages”(essay)
Week 2 – Documents:Other UfO Crashes and the Majic 12 Documents FOIA (Freedom of Information Act9 and the request for proof.
Week 3 – Witness testimonies Steven Greer- a personal look at early citizen diplomacy efforts CSETI
Week 4 – The briefing of Congress and the White House – The ” need to know” and Steven Greer’s efforts
Week 5 – The Arrival of the politicians. The United Nations and EU resolutions. Timothy Good and Admiral Lord Hill -Norton GCB
Week 6 – Ex. minister of defense Paul Hellyer and his interviews
Week 7 – The Colonel Corso Interview in Rome DVD- ” We can handle the truth”!
Week 8 – Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvante and Jacques Valle -” official deniability”. The truth in science Fiction : Fastwalker
Week 9 – NASA knows. Interviews with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper and Clark McClelland NASA, Moon landings and Deep Space
 Week 10 – Dr. Michael Salla’s Book Exopolitics and its serious applications to our society. Alfred Weber’s book and the Canadian Connection
Week 11 – The Hawaii Declaration on Peaceful Relations with Extraterrestrial Civilizations and the 2006 conference resolutions.
Week 12 – The Brainstorming of Political involvement. Steven Schiff, Barry Goldwater, Carter, Eisenhower and Kennedy, Frances Barwood ( Phoenix lights)
Week 13 – Strategic Principles & media coverage of the Extraterrestrial Presence. TV Documentaries, Print Media and Radio ( Coast to Coast)
Last Week – Five page research paper using some or all of these book sources using this thematic.
** Note: A detailed syllabus with weekly readings will be posted to enrolled students before the completion of the course.  

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